You start to think,
As you drift away
From the fourteenth draft of a
Useless memo:
Iím not sure that I can ever be as alive as
I once was.
Was I
Fully, or did
I just imagine it?

There was the pain of solitude
 ----- in that sea of youthful mass.
There was the joy of soulmates
 ----- in that breath of alcohol.
There was my place to belong.
There was my mind to make up.
There were my classes to blow off.
There were my parents to worry.
There were my faults to forget.
There were my strengths to improve.

A colossal waste of money....

Only two things
Iíve learned are
When Iím in Communion
With the world and
My love for her.

rjw, 8/28/95

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