Felix O'Harry,
The yellow canary,
Born in Ross Park,
At the zoo aviary,
Came back to visit
With his brother Slim --
There was ne'er such a moose
As thin as was him.
The bramble would usually
Catch in his rack
When bending on down
To find a fine snack,
Just a wee tidbit here
And a mere morsel there:
He had to eat lots
Or his bones would go bare.
The two of these brothers
One small and one large
Went out up South Mountain --
They led quite a charge --
With Claire Sparron in tow,
Mito Hipogripe, too;
Tigerit took a breather
As they climbed up to view
All the floodplain below them,
No one spoiled the mood
As they sat watching nothing
While thinking of food.

rjw, 6/27/97

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