Crane your neck to see the pass run
Hundreds of feet below your own;
On the edge, the precipice is
Holding you while you strain
To catch a better glimpse of
Natural bridges, arches, domes and
Goosenecks -- painted with various
Red-shifted pallets.  Back on the
Road, no one for miles, rising high
Up mesas and down from buttes,
You can see all you want from
One edge to the other of the
Sky blue sky striped with
Lilting clouds....and the heat
Beats you back to your car and
Your room, coming out like a
Lizard at sunset to catch a
Bug or two for dinner, sitting
On a moonscape lake, a running
Rapid, a high rock reef.  This
Place is certainly for soul.

rjw, 6/13/97

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