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Started running for the first time in 17 years last week, since 7th grade when Osgood-Schlatter's caught up with my left knee. I had been afraid for a long time to try running again, which was neck and neck with swimming as my favorite sport back then.

With a little poking from my wife, who has at times wanted to get in running shape to compete in the NYC Marathon, I've tested the hills of Binghamton, the roads of West Bolton and the streets of New York. It certainly hurt, but not in my knees.

After all these years and a few 2 mile jaunts, I'm just beginning to remember the feeling of the stride, and I'm getting addicted once again.

Fear is too great

Street runs fast

Strong I find

Feeling like Jack Handy (or Stuart Smalley/Al Franken, who was spotted walking North at 79th and Broadway 9:00 pm last Friday evening, staring into my headlights like a surprised deer, wearing a tattered Vikings jacket and carrying a box of Peanut Butter Captain Crunch),....

- jan pavel

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