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(ed. - A Major typo last week - magnum, not mangnum. Many apologies to Clint and Dom for that one; guess I should let the spell check run sometimes. No one pointed it out; not sure if you're all being too polite or just speed reading.

An early issue, this week).

I was informed by some well-knowing Vermonters recently, who happen to work with my wife, that certain types of fiddleheads are actually poisonous - fiddleheads being the shoots of newly sprouted fern fronds which have not uncurled yet and taste when steamed somewhere between asparagus, broccoli and celery.

A true Vermont delicacy, of which there are not many outside of the dairy, maple and, now, microbrew realms. Seeing as how I had already spied my fern cache in the woods near my backyard golf course and was planning to have some with my pasta any day now, I'm very grateful that someone said something before I went picking strange things in the woods.

Click in the bedroom

Mood swing


Still not sure if my secret hoard is able to kill dinner guests, but I'll certainly cross my fingers that it isn't.

- jan pavel

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