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As the diffused sun crept into the Vineyard sky each morning, slowing enveloping the strobing air tower searchlight in its foggy sweep, animals came to life. Twitter, tweet: quick rustles underneath the ocean of scrub oak surrounding our isolated island's edge.

Weak coffee drips accentuated by distand tumbling clothes in my waking ears, my nephew-in-law happily screamed for his breakfast. Dad's plodding steps, bringing laundry upstairs.

Slippers sliding on the slightly sandy hardwood floors, the soft release of a refrigerator gasket. Clink, clatter: a mil carton pops open, glug and then closed. Time to awake to the world.

Lights made pictures

Recounting, accounting

Yes, the summer is full of experiences and inspiration. But not much time for transposing and reflecting. Sorry for the delay....

- jan pavel

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