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Take Two

A whole month: new code, tightened tags and a little sprucing but not much else in the hopper for this word-bound haven. Someone's head is in song, not poetry, at the moment.

But,...I did manage to eke out something that'd been half-finished, so at least it's now complete.

Summer's closing in on us and the Fall is opening up - even in the Mediterranean climes of the California coast, I can see the leaves start to shift a bit, phasing into new hues; I can sense the temperature lowering a notch or two.

Three surfing sessions in two weeks have proven how much I have yet to improve...and how much better I am at sitting on the big gun now, looking like I might possibly know which waves I should be anticipating (not as easy as it looks). Now if I could only turn and paddle....next lesson, I guess.

The "O-splash" OpenTank logo (see page left) is now a link to sign-up for the OpenTank mail list, alerting you to new content on this site; we'll try mailto: functionality for the time being, but if you have issues with your email client, send email to me instead.

New music that I think might warrant a plug: The Flaming Lips - "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots". Check it out.

That's a wrap....

- jan pavel

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