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Pre-Valentine's Day wishes, for as many flowers and sweet stuff as you can stand.

I keep forgetting to plug an album I've been playing a lot of lately, DJ Mark Farina's Mushroom Jazz 4. Downtempo dance music with an urban edge - you might just like it.

Had the opportunity to see Sam Hamill, reluctant founder of Poets Against The War, read with another local poet, Joseph Stroud, at Cabrillo College on this past Monday evening. Adrienne Rich, a fairly well-known poet in her own right, introduced Sam.

As far as current events and politics go, my thoughts are wide and without just one side:

The binary refinery

I'm also having strange visions of flooding Springtime basements:

Where the corner

...and gardens, before most of you can even see the ground beneath the snow:

I dig carefully

Something's moving (and I don't think it's the fence),

- jan pavel

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