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Opening Salvo

Thoughts surface, bobbing up through the years of time since we (or, rather, I) last spoke, last shared a coffee cup over e-mail.

"The Internet,...crikey, Yes! A new web site is just what I need to pester these poor friend-folk, et al., with more rambling verse and aimless thought once again." I learn't myself some new skills, and now throw caution to the dogs and old bones to the wind....Oh, and you might want to watch out where they land.

I have had a few pre-occupations of late - a fledgling person in-waiting who is showing me the ropes as she goes from toddler to swimmer; many moves, from mountain to ocean to river and back to ocean; and sundry joys and heartaches.

After waiting and hoping for Suck to come back from the dead, I thought the least I could do is pay homage to their editorial style; I miss ye' dearly.


- jan pavel

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